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Our Curriculum

“The science of today is the technology tomorrow.”

Edward Teller


The intent of our curriculum at Christ Church and St Peters C of E Primary School is to give our children a range of experiences and an idea of what is possibleOur curriculum is designed to stimulate and excite all pupils; to encourage them to become curious and inquisitive about the world in which they live and beyond. We want to foster a sense of wonder about natural phenomena, develop respect for living organisms and physical environments and to equip pupils with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science today and for the future.


We intend to give our children an understanding of who they are, where they live and the wider world. We strive to improve aspirations, confidence and achievements, helping pupils to realise their potential and increase science capital through learning about possibilities within our world.


Science has changed our lives and is vital to the world’s future prosperity.  As a result, we want all of our children to develop a deep passion for science, becoming life-long learners in this subject. We want to give our children the opportunity for sustained mastery and a greater depth of understanding in science such that they can become scientists. It is our intention to ensure all children are supported to make accelerated progress ensuring they leave us at age related expectations or beyond, setting them up for a successful future. We want to empower our pupils, helping them to make informed judgements and become the future scientists of our planet who are healthy, resilient, determined and confident in the use of their own initiative.

Science at Christ Church & St Peter's CofE Primary School

We are proud to have achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark.