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Aiming High and Caring for Everyone.

Enabling children to flourish and succeed

A Place to Belong


Helen Rhodes, a local artist and parent, was commissioned to paint an ethos tree for our entrance foyer. She has expertly combined all the aspects of the school we hold dear into a stunning painting. Perched on the branches of the tree the birds represent the classes within the school, the bird houses our school houses and the cross represents the church. The quotation "And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of our nations" (Revelation 22:2) signifies our Governing body. Each bird is holding a Christian value and the blossom represents the pupils in their different coloured sweatshirts.


We are a truly inclusive school that seeks to provide education to the highest quality based on the Christian Values of Love, Respect, Perservance, Hope, Forgiveness and Service. 


Through all aspects of school life, we promote working together, caring for and supporting each other and a sense of community.


A sense of belonging

  • RISE Academy Trust ∼ 'schools that work together'
  • the parish ∼ 'a local community that works together'
  • our school ∼ 'everyone counts'
  • our school houses ∼ 'teamwork across the school'
  • our phases ∼ 'teamwork within our bases'
  • our classes ∼ 'we are all important'


Our school Houses compliment our school rewards system and our promotion of co-operation, collaboration and teamwork.


































Named after local habitats and to complement the Birds we use as class names. Each child will be a member of one of these houses and inter-school events such as Sports Days will have an added element of competing for House success. Individual achievement is also recognised with House Points which contribute to a House Point competition each week.