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Our Curriculum


"The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future."

Theodore Roosevelt



Our history curriculum enables all children to become historians, acquiring knowledge and understanding about the past using a range of sources and artefacts. Retrieval practice at the beginning of each history lesson ensures the longevitity of substantive knowledge, whilst disciplinary knowledge is promoted when children use their initiative to answer historical enquiry questions. Our curriculum is strategic, following a logical sequence with planned opportunities for the teaching of historical vocabulary. Together, this means our curriculum promotes powerful historical knowledge for all pupils.


With a focus on civilisation, significant individuals and significant events, our curriculum enables children to imagine what life might have been like long ago, developing sensitivity and respect. Our children are inspired to think of the different possibilities available to them now as a direct result of the contributions made by the range of people from a variety of different backgrounds that they learn about in their history lessons.


Mastery in history is achieved through a deepening of pupil knowledge around the common themes of society, housing and significance, through the discrete teaching of historical vocabulary, and through the development of historical enquiry skills with an increasing level of complexity.



History at Christ Church & St Peter's CofE Primary School