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Design & Technology

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Our Curriculum



The Design and Technology curriculum at Christ Church and St Peters allows children to use their imagination, initiative and creativity to design and make a range of products within a variety of contexts.


All children at Christ Church and St Peters will be inspired to build upon and apply the knowledge and skills year upon year needed to design high quality products. Design and Technology requires children to draw on skills within Mathematics, Art, Science and Computing.


All children will be able to deepen their understanding and independence within all of these subject areas during their Design and Technology lessons. They will evaluate past and present design and technology and the ways that these items have influenced our society, as well as how we use products today. This will allow our every child to have a more critical approach to their own designs and creations, opening their minds to the possibility of a future career in design. Lessons will be hands on and engaging, with the children having access to appropriate resources and materials. They will be encouraged to think critically, using their initiative in order to evaluate their past prototypes and when testing their current designs. All children will respect each other’s ideas and give positive feedback to each other to develop products further.


At Christ Church and St Peters we want our children to develop their imagination, their critical thinking and their understanding of the world around them through their love of Design and Technology. We aim for all of our children to be able to question and think innovatively about the world around them in order to design and develop their own products with a purpose in mind.                   

Design & Technology at Christ Church & St Peter's CofE Primary School