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Enabling children to flourish and succeed

Parent Partnership

 At Christ Church & St Peter's we recognise that in order for your child to be the best they can be, the school and parents and carers need to work in partnership to over come any barriers to learning. Two way communication is integral to this partnership. 


The school will provide updates on your child's learning, achievements and wellbeing at regular intervals during the year: 


Autumn 1 - Parents Evening Meetings

Autumn 2 - Termly Snapshot


Spring 1 - Termly Snapshot

Spring 2 - Parents Evening Meetings


Summer 1 - Termly Snapshot

Summer 2 - Annual Written Report


Team Around the Child (TAC) meetings will be hosted by our Inclusion Team for children needing additional support. These will include parents/carers, class teachers, and other professionals as required. 


Many situations in everyday life can affect a child's ability to focus on their learning, for example a bereavement, a parent being made redundant, a close family member's health. This list is by no means exhaustive, as children pick up on vibes within the home environment very quickly. As parents and carers you are encouraged to keep the class teacher informed as and when they occur so we can provide the necessary support. 


The school maintains an open door policy. Please contact your child's class teacher in the first instance. More information on how to contact staff is available here.


Parental Engagement Activities

Mayday hat making with parents

Story jar making with parents