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Aiming High and Caring for Everyone.

Enabling children to flourish and succeed

Our Curriculum

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Our school curriculum is everything that happens to a learner at Christ Church & St Peter’s C of E Primary School; it is the whole experience of the child.


Our Curriculum Intent

Our mission is to provide a rigorous curriculum that is bespoke to our children’s needs. Our curriculum is purposefully designed to engage and motivate our children, foster a love of learning and prepare them fully for the next stage of their education.


Our curriculum is ‘everything we learn, do, hear & see at school’. It is our aim,

  • to give our children a range of experiences and an idea of what is possible.
  • to give our children an understanding of who they are, where they live and the wider world.
  • to give our children the opportunity for sustained mastery and a greater depth of understanding across a range subjects (for those where they have a particular strength) such that they can become artists or geographers or historians etc.


It is our intention to provide a rich and ambitious curriculum that teaches children a balance of core knowledge and skills all underpinned by a set of ambition led ‘drivers’. As we know our children, families and our community well, each driver has been chosen carefully as a vehicle to help ‘unlock’ our children’s potential.








We intend for our children to develop, build and use their own initiative.















              Healthy Life Styles                                                

We aim for them to be healthy citizens leading healthy lifestyles: with healthy minds, active bodies; keeping themselves safe.             



We will guide them and promote respect; we celebrate diversity and positively share differences, capturing examples of tolerance and equality.









We will open their minds to all the possibilities available to them in work, leisure and travel.  We will teach them about the world and show them all of the things there are to be curious about- letting them explore and find out.


Christian Values

We aim to grow young people that nurture others and take care of themselves; that have Christian values at the heart of all they do.

Our Christian Values are: Love-Service-Hope-Forgiveness-Perseverance-Respect



Our curriculum is designed to engage and motivate our children, foster a love of learning and prepare them fully for the next stage of their education.


Our Curriculum Implementation

Our wider curriculum is taught, mostly, in afternoon teaching sessions. Using the correct documents (as listed above), every teacher within our school will be aware of the knowledge, skills and key vocabulary that the children should be taught in each year group. With the aims and drivers in mind, this information will be used when choosing and planning topics. This will ensure that what is being taught is relevant to each year group.


Within each topic, we will teach new knowledge and skills and we will also build upon previous learning. We will endeavour to make strong links between subjects and topics to ensure that children have the opportunity to deepen their understanding.


Our topics have been carefully chosen to ensure that the children have a balance of knowledge and skills.  Our topics build upon each other so that ideas are revisited and developed. As a whole school, we will have threads that will link our topics together. These threads will be discussed and relevant links will be made.


Some subjects within the school are taught discretely. These are: French, Science, R.E., PSHE and P.E. Links will be made, where possible, with units of work but mainly these subjects will be taught as stand-alone subjects.