• Parents apply using the Leicestershire County Council Admissions (LA) online service, to be completed by mid January.
  • LA will send the school the ‘on time’ applications list by mid February.
  • LA will re-sort the applications according to preference. Final offers will be sent out to parents mid April.
  • Our school will be sent (from LA) an ‘unsuccessful’ applicants list.
  • The school will keep a ranked waiting list using the criteria not the date of the application.



  • Our Pupil Admissions number (PAN) is 58. We will not exceed our PAN in any year group.
  • Mid term applications are accepted if there is space and they live in catchment.
  • If the year group is full we will still admit if the child is named in an EHC plan otherwise applications will be unsuccessful and added to the school’s ranked (according to criteria) waiting list.
  • Parents have a right to appeal through the RISE Academy Trust (please see the over subscription criteria below).



When there are more applications than there are places available, the governors will admit pupils according to the following criteria which are listed in order of priority.  If there are fewer applications than places, then no application is refused.   If there are too many requests, priority will be given to children in the appropriate age-range, whose parents applied on time, in the following order

  1. Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan (or Statement of Special Educational Need) naming the school/academy – such children will be admitted even if this means exceeding the agreed PAN.
  2. A child who is ‘looked after (3)’ or ‘previously looked after.’ Previously looked after children are children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (4) or became subject to a residence order (5) or special guardianship order (6).
  3. Pupils who have a serious medical condition or exceptional social or domestic needs. (Professional documentation accompanying the application will be required). Examples of exceptional needs include:
  • A child whose parent’s occupation has an enforcement role which may bring the parent into conflict with parents of children attending their local school and therefore needs to attend the alternative school.
  • A child whose parent has recently died or is suffering from a serious illness.
  • A child who has suffered severe bullying which is recognised by the present or most recent school as an ongoing problem and which is having significant effect on the child’s health.
  • A child with a serious medical condition which would make the preferred school particularly suitable
  • A child who has been abused and placed on the child protection register and who needs to attend an alternative school to avoid the abuser

This list is not exhaustive, and each case will be considered on its individual merits.

  1. Pupils who live in the Mountsorrel designated parish(es)/catchment (See appendix). The child’s place of residence is taken to be the parental home.
  2. Pupils who will have an older sibling attending the school at the time of admission. (Older siblings include brothers or sisters, half brothers or sisters, step brothers or sisters, adopted children, fostered children, children of partners living together or any other child who permanently resides at the parental home and for whom the parent has parental responsibility).
  3. Pupils of families whose parents are regular practising members of the Church of England or another Christian denomination.
  4. Pupils of families whose parents are regular practising members of another faith.           

In the event of over subscription, places will be allocated within that particular criterion (as listed above) by a method of random selection (drawing lots) that will be observed by an independent witness.

In exceptional cases the school has the right to withdraw an offer of a place where a parent has not responded to an offer within 21 days, or where the place has been obtained by false information, for example an incorrect address or date of birth. Offers of places may also be withdrawn if they were based on an address and the parent’s address changes before the child is admitted.  For example, if a child was offered a place and the family moves out of catchment before admission takes place, the offer of the place is withdrawn.  This is regardless of numbers in the school and whether or not other requests have been refused


Appeals should be sent to Diocesan Director of Education, St. Martins House, 7 Peacock Lane, Leicester, LE1 5PZ. The appeal must be in writing on the relevant form which can be obtained from Diocesan Board of Education, St. Martins House, 7 Peacock Lane, Leicester, LE1 5PZ. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Appeals must be made by 30th April in writing on the relevant form, and appeals will be heard during the summer term, within 40 schools days of this date. Appeals lodged after this deadline, like appeals for in-year admissions, will be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged. In all cases, appellants will receive at least 10 days’ written notice of the appeal hearing. They may submit additional evidence in writing by 12 noon the day before the hearing. Decision letters are sent to the school, DLAT  and appellant within 5 days of the hearing.

RISE Admissions Policy 2021-22

Admissions Policy Appendix 1