1EH Goldfinch Class Home Learning 21-25 September

Weekly Overview - On The Farm (scroll down for daily tasks)








Literacy: simple verbs

e.g. run hop stand jump skip play

Maths: find one more than a number within 10 or 20

e.g. one more than 6 is 7

Literacy: simple adjectives

e.g. size (big / little) or colour.

Maths: find one less than a number within 10 or 20

e.g. one less than 8 is 7

Science: learn about the food produced by animals

e.g. bees make honey, chickens lay eggs


R.E.: Harvest festival – make and label a basket of food


P.E.: Ball skills – bounce and catch a ball in different ways

Reading journal: say or write a question about one of the characters in Rosie’s walk by Pat Hutchins

Science: “the eatwell plate” – talk about the different types of food we need to stay healthy


PSHE: different emotions and feelings – talk about feelings and sort into positive and negative


Music: play the BBC 'Bring the Noise' online game or listen to a simple song – clap along in time to the rhythm

P.E. dance – use animal actions to create your own dance. What action will you choose to show a cow, sheep, pig, rabbit, dog, chicken etc?


Golden time


PM 1-3

PM 4-6

The Fox and The Box Popcorn
This Cat Stop
Hog in the Fog Red Ned
Push the Bus Run Run Run
Cat Flap Skateboard Sid and The Hat
Get Up Tom's Tricks
Fat Frog Nip and Chip
I have lost... Will's Net


Literacy Verbs

RE - Harvest PE ball skills


Maths - One more than

Add One game 

Reading Journal


Literacy - Adjectives

Science - The Eat Well Plate


Maths - One less than

One Less Than game

PSHE Feelings & Rhythm


Science - Animals as producers

PE & Golden Time