Collective Worship

 Daily Thoughts, Prayers and Activities

This term, daily Collective Worship will take place in class groups. 

We will all miss gathering in key stages and as a whole school, but we will join together by following the same themes.  Each half term focuses on a Christian Value. 

We hope you will join us by sharing these weekly resources. 

2021 Autumn Term 

This term our focus is 'A glimpse of God's Kingdom'.

The themes are taken from The Beatitudes, part of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. 

Each week, we spend time thinking about of a value as a way into each of the Beatitudes. 

Week 1 - A new beginning

Week 2 - A box of happiness

Week 3 - Hope

Week 4 - Compassion

Week 5 - A bowlful of harvest

Week 6 - Humility

Week 7 - Justice

Week 8 - Forgiveness

Week 9 - Wisdom

Week 10 - Peace

Week 11 - Remembering

Week 12 - Odd Socks

Week 13 - Resilience

Week 14 - Joy

Week 15 - All I want for Christmas

Week 16 - Christmas love

Prayers with Children


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Key Stage 1


Key Stage 2




   All types of songs to use across the curriculum including some in Makaton