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Procedural Fluency

Each year group dedicates at least the first five minutes of every lesson to either teaching or practising key number facts which are centred around the children’s age appropriate expectations. Additional to this, in EYFS and Key Stage 1, children take part in the Mastering Number Programme, in lower Key Stage 2, children’s morning tasks develop times table recall and in Upper Key Stage 2 morning tasks are dedicated to practising written calculation methods.


Times tables are taught over four week blocks with the children quizzed each Friday to assess the progress they are making. At the end of each week, children identify three target facts that they need to learn and these are practised in class and at home (see Times Tables Policy).  This approach ensures that children know which times tables facts they have learnt and which they need to learn next.  Additionally, every child has a Times Tables Rockstars (KS2) and Numbots (KS1) account and they are given time each week in school to practise.

Every Friday is ‘Flashback Friday’. During these sessions, children take part in a carousel of activities which allow them to revisit a range of previously taught topics. This ensures that overlearning can take place, crucial skills are practised and learning in these areas is strengthened. Flashback Friday sessions are designed to be worksheet free, arithmetic or fluency based and most activities will be accessed by children independently. Teachers will choose one or two tasks that are ‘guided’: these stations provide an opportunity to re-teach and secure understanding in an area of learning that children have not yet mastered.


Our written calculation policy has been designed to ensure clear progression from EYFS to Year 6 and age appropriate procedures for the four operations.