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Curriculum Organisation

Maths Curriculum Organisation


We have developed our own long-term plans which ensure that pupils have enough time to explore topics in depth and those topics that we consider to be critical (e.g. calculation, place value, fractions) are revisited over the course of the academic year, enabling pupils to recap and deepen their understanding in these areas. Units have been organised to maximise the natural links between topics: they feed naturally into each other, allowing children to build on and apply the mathematical skills they have learnt previously into their current unit of study.

Teachers plan children’s learning journey through each unit carefully, taking into consideration:

  • the children’s prior learning and their current starting points;
  • small steps that children need to master to develop a thorough grasp of the overall concept being taught;
  • key models and images which may be useful to support children’s understanding;
  • key misconceptions which may need unpicking;
  • opportunities for varied fluency, ensuring that children have a secure understanding of the overall concept being taught by presenting the maths in different ways;
  • opportunities to deepen learning through a variety of problem solving and reasoning activities.