DLAT Review March 2017


Leaders and staff continue to show the necessary drive and determination to secure further improvements in the school. Systems for collecting, analysing and responding to available information are well developed and robust. These are helping leaders and staff focus on the most important priorities for development, particularly those pupils who are not making sufficient improvement. The inclusion team is a strength of the school and they receive universal praise for the quality of their work from pupils and parents alike. The majority of those parents spoken with at the start of the school day remain pleased with the school but on this occasion one or two raised some concerns.

This review found some areas that require further consideration. These are to:

  1. improve further pupils’ attainment and progress in reading, writing and mathematics by continuing to:
    1. focus support and improve outcomes in Years 1, 3 and 4
    2. address the needs of White British boys
    3. develop opportunities to broaden pupils’ problem solving and reasoning skills in mathematics
    4. improve the accuracy and precision of pupils’ spelling.
  1. continue to improve developments in the curriculum by:
    1. clarifying the expectations of how frequently pupils should record their work
    2. ensure consistency of presentation
    3. ensure work is matched accurately to the needs of pupils.