Collective Worship


                                                 Daily Thoughts, Prayers and Activities

 11.5.2020  Every Little Counts

 12.5.2020  Being Grateful

 13.5.2020  Joy In Kindness

 14.5.2020  The Importance of Friends

 15.5.2020  Somebody's Feeling Lonely

 18.5.2020  How Do You Feel Today

19.5.2020  A Prayer For Worrying

 20.5.2020  Beautiful Flowers

 21.5.2020  Be Thankful

 22.5.2020  Be Thankful Every Day

 25.5.2020  Blowing Bubbles

 26.5.2020  Favourite Things

 27.5.2020  Dawn Chorus

 28.5.2020  Overcoming Difficulties

 29.5.2020  Fire at Pentecost



Engage at Home includes a simple prayer or worship activity which families can engage with together, using movement, interaction, craft, play and more.   The aim is to resource families during the Covid 19 pandemic. The ideas are released daily with dates on them, but use them whenever suits.

Prayers with Children


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Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Picture News Virtual Assembly - 23rd-29th March from Katie Harrison on Vimeo.




   All types of songs to use across the curriculum including some in Makaton




    Rainbows of Joy - place a rainbow in your window